The artist deals with contemporary figurative painting. The priority of her creative quest is to put her characters immersed in their own, inner mental landscape. The portraits are presented with emotional content, hidden thoughts and desires, and the flora that accompanies them introduces the aura of mystery. The titles of images are an indicator for understanding the presented situations.

Elwira’s works are performed in the classic technique of mixed watercolor, that is, combining the method of painting wet and dry. Watercolors are painted on cotton, acid-free hot pressed paper. Each element is created by applying many layers of glaze, thanks to which it obtains a depth of color. Excellent precision and confidence of the hand allows her to extricate details, which are a characteristic element of her works.


Elwira Wałaszewska (Salimzianowa)
1993, Ukraine
Lives and works in Warsaw, Poland


Painting, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, 2013-2018
High School of Arts Wojciech Gerson in Warsaw


The Time — Temple of Dreams Museum & Gallery, Warsaw 2018
Diploma exhibition — Gallery House of the Artist, Warsaw 2018

Drawing exhibition of 67 atelier — Warsaw, 2017
Not this way — Warsaw, 2015
Winter in painting — Wyszków, 201